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Hotel California – Bellevue believes that effective treatment is based on core concepts such as honesty, willingness, trust, and faith, which allow a client to begin creating a solid foundation of sobriety that can last the rest of their lives. Our foremost focus lies on the disease of addiction, however we cannot overlook the possibility of co-occurring diagnosis that might hinder a clients full potential for growth.  We provide a springboard for the client to participate in a safe, sober, therapeutic environment while working with licensed substance abuse and mental health counselors on significant issues that have plagued their lives in addiction until this point.  We stress extensive education on the disease of addiction for the client.  Knowledge that can then begin to shrink grandiose ideas on using, and bring forth a newfound willingness to apply the tools of the program offered at Hotel California – Bellevue to client’s everyday lives.

The power of trust within a client’s relationship to our addiction treatment professionals is vital for growth in sobriety. This recognition of trust allows environments in the brain to be open to new suggestions, and listen to experiences from counselors and peers alike helping to diminish the desire for substance use.  We place emphasis on establishing a trusting relationship with each client, so they may fully involve themselves into this incredible process and change their lives undoubtedly for the better.