Outpatient Services

Addiction has been defined as a disease, and like most diseases it is not one that discriminates. The services that we provide at Hotel California – Bellevue on an outpatient basis are formed to fit the specific needs of every individual struggling with substance abuse or co-occurring disorders. We break away from older ideals of ‘one size fits all’ treatment programs, and focus on individualizing treatment to the current struggles of each client.

In addition to the outpatient services provided in Bellevue, Washington, Hotel California has a full continuum of care in its Orange County, California locations. If a client is deemed to need a higher level of clinical care or perhaps is a candidate for a detox/residential treatment program, our staff is equipped to adequately assess each situation, and provide insight as to how to go about entering the most appropriate program.

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Case Management

Helping to manage new steps toward sobriety, Hotel California – Bellevue has a team of licensed Case Managers to guide you step by step in accomplishing your day-to-day needs and goals.

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Bellevue’s Admissions Department is dedicated to effectively screen each potential client, and help to guide them in the direction of the best fitting program.

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Implementing methods to ensure accountability and success in sobriety is a fundamental portion of recovery.

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Sober Companions

Sober Companions are individuals who have multiple years of sobriety, and are skilled in helping to ease clients in transitioning from treatment back to everyday life.

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Family Program

 At Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue we understand the chaos addiction can bring to the family dynamic, and we have developed a family program to help support and educate families on how to best help their loved one during and after treatment.

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Alumni Support

Our Alumni Support program allows our clients both past and present to come together on a weekly basis in a group format to support one another.

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12 Step Recovery

The 12 Steps, outline a list of ideals that help those struggling with addiction to become sober and develop a way of living in order to remain abstinent from both drugs and alcohol.

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Nutritional Guidance

Regular healthy eating habits of individuals struggling with addiction can fall to the wayside. Our Nutritional Guidance Counselors can help implement a program of healthier living.

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