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Bellevue - 12 Step Recovery12 Step Recovery

Hotel California – Bellevue advocates 12 Step Recovery as a supplement to our clinical treatment. The 12 Steps of Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous serve as a fellowship program of men and women, designed to help people of all backgrounds who find themselves suffering from alcohol and drug addictions.

The 12 Steps, outline a list of ideals that help those struggling with addiction to become sober and develop a way of living in order to remain abstinent from both drugs and alcohol. By incorporating a strong fellowship of men and women from all walks of life, 12 Step Recovery can help individuals from isolating, while providing a safe haven full of caring, supportive, understanding peers implementing a sense of comfort during an otherwise uncomfortable transition.

12 Step Programs offer a variety of topics including Alcohol, Narcotics, Sex, and Co-Dependency along with specific meeting types for men, women, and LGBT.