Assessing an individual’s current situation is a vital step in determining the correct course of action to best help that person. Hotel California – Bellevue’s Admissions Department is dedicated to effectively screen each potential client, and help to guide them in the direction of the best fitting program for their individual needs.

During an assessment period, potential clients and their families can meet with licensed counselors/therapists to discuss a client’s history of ailments past and present, to incorporate key information into the planning of a treatment episode.

While assessing a potential client information gained will go toward determining:

  • Appropriate level of care (Detox, Residential, Intensive Outpatient)
  • Case management & therapist assignments
  • Length of stay
  • Potentially beneficial types of therapies
  • Medical needs

By properly assessing a potential client’s specific situation, we are able to assign them the most appropriate clinical and medical teams based upon their needs. This type of individualized treatment program is paramount in making positive steps toward developing a solid foundation of sobriety. If you or a loved one are in need of an assessment for the possibility of a treatment program, please contact our Admissions Department today.

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