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When coming into treatment a client’s life has often times become unmanageable. We understand that getting sober is a life changing event that includes an undertaking of a variety of new tasks. The most important aspect of getting sober is putting one’s sobriety first, above all other things currently taking place in their life.

To help our clients manage these new steps toward sobriety, Hotel California By the Sea–Bellevue has a team of licensed case managers to guide our clients step-by-step as they accomplish their day-to-day needs and goals. Our case management team is responsible in helping clients to focus on their recovery program while teaching them how to better manage their lives in sobriety one-step-at-a-time.

On a daily basis, case managers will help in scheduling counseling sessions, group programming sessions, appointments, local meetings, family sessions, and transportation. It is truly with the help of a case manager that one is able to focus solely on what is most important (their recovery) while learning how to live a more manageable and healthy lifestyle.