Alcohol & Drug Detox in Seattle and Bellevue Washington

Located in the heart of Kirkland, WA. Hotel California By the Sea – Bellevue offers a comprehensive alcohol and substance abuse detox treatment program for menwomen, and young adults. Whether you live in the Bellevue/Kirkland area, The Greater Seattle Area or just need to get away from home to start recovery, our team can design an individualized treatment regimen for you.

All of our clients who need to detox from alcohol or other substances are under the direct supervision of our board-certified Medical Director, Dr. Stephen Markus, who has more than 34 years of clinical experience. In order to evaluate each client’s medical needs, they will undergo a medical evaluation within 24 hours of their arrival. Clients can expect this medical evaluation to include an initial drug screening. Dr. Markus may asses EKG and vital readings as well. A full physical exam will guide the detox protocol for each client. After the full exam is complete, our 24-hour medical team will formulate a plan to ensure that the alcohol and drug detox is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Our homes that offer alcohol and drug detox services provide:

  • A comfortable, home-like environment
  • Around the clock monitoring during the detoxification process and while taking prescription medications
  • Evaluation by Dr. Stephen Markus and medical staff
  • Withdrawal management
  • Stabilization to ensure a smooth transition as substances are leaving the system
  • Informational material and education to better understand the detox process
  • All new admissions go through a detoxification orientation and learn medication protocols
  • Full nursing assessment in compliance with facility policies and procedures.

After completing the initial alcohol and drug detox, clients may continue treatment by following a customized recovery program that is individually customized for each client based on their personal experience and needs.

Hotel California by the Sea – Bellevue offers a variety of therapies that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. It is through this specialized approach that we aim to aid our clients through their unique experience with addiction. In order to cleanse the mind and soul, one must first cleanse the body from drugs, alcohol and any other abused substances to begin their journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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