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The disease of addiction effects more than just the person struggling, often times it effects the entire family. At Hotel California – Bellevue we understand the chaos addiction can bring to the family dynamic, and we have developed a family counseling program to help support and educate families on how to best help their loved one during and after treatment. One of the goals of our family counseling program is to educate family members about the nature of their loved one’s disease.

Through a series of group and individuals sessions, family members become more educated about the disease of addiction, and what is it truly like for those who suffer from it, which we’ve found yields a deep sense of understanding. Through our family counseling program, families are able to see addiction from a different perspective. Family members begin to understand and see addiction as a disease rather than moral failure. For so long, the family members of the alcoholic or addict have blamed themselves for the fact that their loved one couldn’t stop drinking or using. Thus, there is a huge sense of relief when they are able to truly recognize that they too are powerless over this disease. It isn’t until this type of understanding is reached that families have the ability to band together and unite against addiction rather than against the actions or behaviors of their loved one struggling with addiction. Simply put, once addiction is truly understood as a disease, family members can begin to move forward in the healing and recovery process.

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