Allie Wile

Admissions/Marketing Supervisor

Having gone through Hotel California by the Sea as a client in 2015, Allie knew she wanted to share her experience, strength and hope with others who were struggling with addiction. In January of 2016, Allie’s dream came to fruition when she had the opportunity to move back to Washington where she became a foundational part of the development of Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue. Since HCBTS Bellevue opened it’s doors in 2016, Allie has been passionate about sharing HCBTS’ quality resources with The Greater Seattle Area, an area she will always hold close to her heart because it is home.

As HCBTS Bellevue’s admissions and marketing supervisor, Allie oversees a team of admissions/marketing representatives in Washington State. Allie is responsible for motivating and guiding her team while maintaining and developing key relationships with other local treatment centers, hospitals, therapists and psychologists in order to offer each of our clients a unique and comprehensive set of resources within the local community.

Today, Allie’s life is centered around her recovery. Allie is an active member of the local recovery community where she feels blessed to walk other women through their own journeys in recovery. Allie found that she is passionate about helping others to achieve the gift of sobriety, knowing in her heart that she can only keep her sobriety by giving it away.

Outside of work, Allie enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, traveling around the world, and spending time outdoors being active. Allie was an avid soccer player for 14 years when she traveled the country to play competitively. Allie is an animal lover and cherishes time with her dog. Allie is currently working toward her degree from the University of Washington and she is a huge husky’s fan!