Jennifer Fuqua

Jenifer is a gifted instructor and group facilitator who teaches tangible life skills that transform lives. She creates a safe and curious setting that allows participants to explore and learn new skills. She teaches in an experiential way, with props and role playing, giving each person the opportunity to feel the situation, the technique, and the change. The tools she teaches are simple yet powerful. Tools that can be applied daily and in every relationship and situation. Jenifer empowers her groups with experience and learning to create new and healthy life skills, new perspectives and a more peaceful life experience.


Jenifer also has a private practice serving individuals, families and organizations. She has a robust list of clients ranging from young adults to high tech executives. Jenifer has a passion for learning and helping others grow. She also has a deep and strong belief in the resilience of the human spirit, and the power we each have for creating change. Her passion and finely tuned skills are believable and contagious, making learning with her fun and productive.