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Relapse Prevention

At Hotel California – Bellevue our program is created to mold around the current needs of each client, meeting them where they are currently at, the moment they come into treatment. A vital step in creating successful treatment plans for each person is furthering his or her understanding on Relapse Prevention.

Relapse Prevention is a key component of our group and individual therapies, which focuses on familiar triggers, situations, people or places that might cause an individual to have an urge to drink or use. By being able to effectively identify such situations, and instilling appropriate positive coping mechanisms/tools through treatment, clients can learn to adapt to unfamiliar environments or situations successfully without relapse.

Learning to walk through everyday life, and the trials that often present themselves can be a daunting task to walk through alone. Our highly trained staff is here to help you every step of the way to ensure you develop the skills needed to walk through life sober, one day at a time.