HCBTS Bellevue’s Transitional Living Environments

Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue’s structured living environments provide safe, structured and gender-specific living for adults recovering from addiction and co-occurring disorders. As a community, we strive to instill experience, strength, and hope within our clients so that they may move forward in their lives, and learn how to adapt to a life of sobriety – one day at a time.

Our primary purpose at Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue is to equip our clients with the essential recovery and life-skills to lead healthy, sober lifestyles. By providing a safe haven filled with fellowship, accountability, team building and bonding activities, our clients are able to build a solid foundation for their recovery while in a structured environment. At Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue’s drug rehab program we understand that getting sober is a life-changing event, which can be extremely emotional and stressful. Our vision, with our safe and structured living accommodations, is to provide the utmost comfort for our clients, so that they may be at ease while moving forward in all areas of their lives.

Housing accommodations include: Full-time staff supervision, transportation to and from programming, the gym and 12-step meetings, and toiletries (laundry detergent & cleaning supplies) and sheets, pillows and towels are provided.

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