What Makes Us Different

Founded by Carl Mosen and Kevin Mello in 2014, our leadership team brings 30+ years of expertise, experience and passion to the addiction treatment industry. In 1986 Carl was one of the first to establish a residential inpatient treatment program in Newport Beach, CA. In 2015, Carl and his team expanded into the Pacific Northwest, an area that is near and dear to Carl and the executive teams’ hearts. From day one, Carl’s programs have been built on the foundation of integrity, ethics, passion and innovation, a foundation many other professionals in our industry still emulate today.

Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue provides a detoxification/withdrawal management program, which is located in a beautiful and comfortable residential home in Kirkland, WA. We also provide intensive outpatient and outpatient addiction treatment services during the day and at night to accommodate our client’s varying schedules. Clients in our outpatient treatment programs may reside in one of our gender-specific recovery residences, which are staffed full time.

At our flagship addiction treatment program in California, we provide specialty residential treatment programs that are unique because they target specific demographics in order to meet the unique and personal needs of clients in our program. We offer a men’s executive residential program for men over the age of 30 who are struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders such as executive burnout and work-related stress. We provide women of all ages (18 years of age and older) with a women’s residential treatment program focusing on treating addiction concurrent with trauma and other co-occurring mental health conditions and we offer a young adult program, which focuses heavily on personal and professional growth and positive life change.

The staff to client ratio at Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue is one of the highest in the nation and around 80% of our staff hold years of personal recovery. In addition to a client’s individual clinical team, we also provide our clients with recovery coaches and recovery advocates to keep them moving forward in a positive direction on the path toward recovery and positive life change.

At Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue we focus on treating the entire person and focus on one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and growth. Our mission and top priority is to provide the highest quality of addiction treatment available and to guide men, women and young adults through the recovery journey and transformation process. Seeing our clients learn how to live a happy, sober, healthy lifestyle is at the cornerstone of our program and what truly makes our staff light up everyday when they come to work.

Career Resource Program

Our Career Resource Program was designed to equip our clients with the personal and professional life-skills and knowledge necessary for them to succeed in their recovery.

Court Services Program

Our Court Services Program is tailored to meet the individual needs of clients who are facing legal consequences as a result of their addiction to drugs or alcohol and serves to address the underlying issues by promoting treatment and recovery.

Family Program

Our family therapy program is designed to educate you on the disease of addiction, help you find your path to healing and help you reconnect with your loved one.

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