Seattle & Bellevue Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Understanding whether you have a problem with alcohol can be somewhat confusing due to the fact that alcohol is by far the most socially accepted drug in our society today, making it readily accessible and accepted. This often causes the lines between social drinking and alcohol addiction to be somewhat unclear.  If you find yourself drinking regularly to cope with stress from situations, events or people out of your control – you may have an unhealthy connection to alcohol.

If you have experienced negative outcomes directly linked to your relationship with alcohol or if you are concerned you might have a problem with drinking, our experienced team of treatment professionals can help. Through an initial assessment we will be able to gauge the severity of your relationship with alcohol and will be able to determine and design a plan of action that works for you. At Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue’s drug rehab, all of our addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment plans are individually designed to set our clients up for the greatest chance of success in their recovery.

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